Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Lissamphibia
                 Family : Salamandridae
  Scientific Name : Lissotriton Vulgaris

                      Size : 5 - 15cm (1.7 - 5.9in)
                 Weight : 10 - 50g (0.3 - 1.8oz)
           Top Speed : 42km/h (30mph)
            Life Span : 2 - 15 years

                Colour : Black, Brown, Grey, 
                                Green, Orange, 
                                 Red, Yellow
           Skin Type : Scales
Special Features : Permeable, toxic skin 
                                   and feathery gills
  1. Newts are small amphibians believed to be a subspecies of Salamander.
  2. They are found naturally in North America, Europe and Asia.
  3. There are around 15 species of newts found across the northern hemisphere.
  4. Depending on the species they vary in size and color.
  5. They have a lizard-shaped body with four legs and a long tail.
  6. Incredibly, they can regrow limbs and are able to breathe on land and underwater.
  7. Interestingly, the chemicals that help them regrow their limbs are responsible for tumors in other animals.
  8. They are solitary animals which come together during the mating season
  9. The newt lays eggs in water, the eggs attach themselves to aquatic plants and hatch after 3 weeks.
  10. The newt tadpoles have feathered external gills which help them breathe.
  11. The tadpoles grow legs in a few months and start exploring the land nearby.
  12. Some of the species contain toxins in their skin to ward off their predators.
  13. A particular Pacific newt species is toxic enough to kill an adult human.
  14. Habitat loss and pollution have been the major cause of their declining numbers.


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