Name : Dalmatian
      Origin : Yugoslavia
          Size : 58cm (23in)

     Weight : 25kg (55lbs)
Life Span : 12 years 
     Group : Gun Dog
  1. Dalmatians are medium-large sized dogs that are native to Yugoslavia.
  2. They were originally bred to defend carriages and horses.
  3. This makes them instinctively fond of humans and horses.
  4. They grow to an average size of 58cm and weigh around 25kg.
  5. On an average, they live to be around 12 years old.
  6. They need a lot of exercise and are very active as they were previously coach dogs.
  7. They have incredible stamina and self-reliance so much so that they can make multi-day trips on their own.
  8. They make excellent companions to children as they energetic, playful and fond of children.
  9. However, constant supervision is recommended as they may accidentally knock down children while playing.
  10. They need to be socialized with children from a very young age.
  11. As they were bred to be coach dogs, they have a tendency to become territorial if not trained otherwise.
  12. Although sensitive in nature, they respond well to calm and assertive leadership.
  13. They are very people oriented and are known to whine and do poorly if left alone.
  14. It is better to train them of their owner’s absence or provide them with companions.

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