Name : Beagle Dog
                    Origin : Great Britain 
          Average Size : 38cm (15in)
     Average Weight : 14kg (30lbs)

Average Life Span : 15 years
                    Group : Hound
                   Colour : Tan, White, Red, 
                                    Brown, Black
       Temperament : Gentle and intelligent
                                    but stubborn
  1. Beagles are a breed of domestic dogs belonging to the hound group.
  2. They are known to have their origin in the Great Britain.
  3. They are small-sized dogs growing to an average size of 38cm and weigh around 14kg.
  4. On an average, they live to be around 15 years old.
  5. Interestingly, not all beagles howl but are known to bark in strange situations.
  6. They are also known to bay- sometimes referred as speaking, when they smell a potential quarry.
  7. Beagles are known to be gentle and intelligent but stubborn.
  8. They get along well with other dogs and are known to be pack animals.
  9. They are also excellent with children and therefore a popular choice as household pets.
  10. Sometimes, they may be prone to separation anxiety when kept as pets.
  11. They have inbred stamina which doesn’t let them tire easily.
  12. At the same time, they are not demanding with exercise and need not be completely exhausted before resting.
  13. Beagles are prone to weight gain and therefore it is best for them to get regular exercise.
  14. They need to be trained from an early age to be obedient because of their stubborn nature.


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