Name : Airedale Terrier
                       Origin : Great Britain
                       Group : Dog

       Average Size(H) : 58cm (23in)
       Average Weight : 20kg (44lbs)
   Average Life Span : 12 years
                          Type : Terrier

                      Colour : Black, Tan, Brown
          Temperament : Friendly, adaptable 
                                        and courageous
Distinctive Features : Long muzzle and 
                                      square body
  1. The Airedale Terrier was a breed created in West Riding of Yorkshire.
  2. A cross breeding of a Welsh terrier and an Otter hound gave rise to this breed.
  3. The Airedale Terriers are the largest terrier breed originally bred to be ratters.
  4. They have a large, square body with straight legs and a wide chest.
  5. Their coarse and wiry waterproof fur is lined with soft warm fur.
  6. Being a combination of Hound and Terrier, they have a very sharp sense of smell.
  7. They are extremely intelligent, loyal, independent and strong-willed.
  8. They are very active and need to be trained form a very young age.
  9. Airedale terriers are very sociable and appreciate constant human companionship.
  10. The female dogs give birth to a litter of 7 to 10 pups at a time.
  11. The pups are born blind and without much fur.
  12. The Airedale Terriers need regular grooming to prevent skin infections and heavy moulting.
  13. They have an average lifespan of 13 years.
  14. Sometimes, they may suffer from genetic defects though.

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