Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Suidae
  Scientific Name : Sus Scrofa Scrofa

                      Size : 50 - 120cm (19.7 - 47in)
                 Weight : 30 - 350kg (66- 770lbs)
           Top Speed : 17km/h (11mph)
            Life Span : 8 - 15 years

                Colour : Grey, Pink, Black, 
                                 Brown, White
           Skin Type : Hair
Special Features : Upturned snout and 
                                curly tail
  1. Pigs are believed to be domesticated from the wild boars from 9000 BC.
  2. They are found in the forests and grasslands of Asia and Europe.
  3. They are also called as hogs or swine.
  4. Pigs have been domesticated for their meat, leather and hair.
  5. Domestic pigs are farmed across the world in huge numbers for the incredible amount of meat they give.
  6. They have also been kept as pets in large gardens or farms.
  7. Provided with the right conditions, they are relatively clean and quiet animals.
  8. They are hoofed animals whose weight is evenly distributed by more than one toe.
  9. Previously pigs had tusks but due to selective breeding nowadays, many species do not have a tusk.
  10. The species that have tusks, use them to dig the ground for roots and to defend themselves.
  11. Pigs have small eyes, a snout for a nose and small tails which may be curly or straight.
  12. Interestingly, a pig’s digestive system is very similar to that of human beings, requiring the food to be chewed properly.
  13. Pigs are omnivores feeding on plant and animal matter.
  14. They are scavengers by nature.

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