Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Aves
                        Family : Tytonidae
         Scientific Name : Tyto Alba

                       Size(H) : 25cm - 45cm
                                        ( 9.8in - 18in)
                 Wing Span : 75cm - 110cm 
                                        ( 30in - 43in)
                        Weight : 300g - 550g 
                                        ( 10oz - 19.4oz)

                            Type : Bird
                   Skin Type : Feathers
                  Top Speed : 80km/h (50mph)
                   Life Span : 5 - 10 years

                       Colour : Black, White, Grey, 
                                         Orange, Brown
 Distinctive Features : White heart-shaped
                                        face and large, 
                                         dark eyes
  1. Barn Owls are found everywhere across the world.
  2. 30 different species are found across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America.
  3. They are most commonly found in fields, open countryside and along the river banks.
  4. They measure between 25 and 40 cm tall with a wingspan of up to 110 cm.
  5. They differ in size and color depending on the species.
  6. They are known to hiss or produce a high-pitched scream, when threatened.
  7. They are nocturnal birds which mostly hunt at night.
  8. Their large eyes help them have excellent night vision.
  9. They have one ear higher than the other enabling them with fantastic hearing.
  10. They feed on mice, voles, rats, smaller birds and small fish on water surface.
  11. Typically, the swallow their prey whole and regurgitate the indigestible parts as pellets.
  12. Female Barn owls are known around 7 eggs in the warm spring.
  13. The eggs hatch after about a month and the chicks fledge after 12 weeks.
  14. Though not threatened, their population is dwindling because of pollution and habitat loss.

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