Name : Bavarian Mountain 
                    Origin : Germany
          Average Size : 50cm (20in) 
     Average Weight : 34kg (75lbs)

 Average Life Span : 14 years
                     Group : Hound
                    Colour : Tan, Brown, Black
Average Litter Size : 8
         Temperament : Courageous, 
                                     and poised
  1. Bavarian Mountain Hounds are medium sized dogs native to Germany.
  2. On an average they grow to be around 50cm and weigh around 34kg.
  3. They may be Tan, brown or black in color.
  4. They have a short thick and shiny coat which lies flat against their body.
  5. Their coat is moderately harsh, which is finer on head and ears and harsher on their abdomens, legs and tails.
  6. They are calm, quiet and poised, courageous, spirited, fast and agile.
  7. They are very attached to their owners and owners’ families.
  8. While hunting, they are single-minded, persistent and hard.
  9. They have excellent sense of smell and powerful hunting instincts.
  10. They need a lot of space and need regular exercise, therefore they are not suited for city life.
  11. On an average they live to be around 14 years old.
  12. They are mostly used by foresters and game wardens and are not meant for casual hunters.
  13. They are slow to train and take a long time to be trained so it is best to train them from an early age.
  14. They need a firm, patient and experienced trainer.


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