Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Scyphozoa
                 Family : Cyaneidae
  Scientific Name : Cnidaria Scyphozoa

                      Size : 12 - 200cm (5 - 78.7in)
                 Weight : 20 - 400g (0.7 - 14oz)
           Top Speed : 8km/h (5mph)
            Life Span : 1 - 5 years

                Colour : White, Blue, Pink,
                                 Yellow, Green, Red,
                                  Purple, Orange
           Skin Type : Smooth
Special Features : Jelly-like body and long, 
                                  stinging tentacles
  1. Jellyfish are boneless animals found across prominent coastlines of the world’s oceans.
  2. They are also known as jellies or sea jellies.
  3. There are around 2000 species of jellyfish classified into four groups according to their shape and behavior.
  4. They are not fish are classified as a separate group of animals because of their uniqueness.
  5. Their bodies are made up of mesoglea which is a non-living, jelly-like substance.
  6. The mesoglea is surrounded by a single -cell thick skin.
  7. Around 90% of their bodies are made up of water.
  8. They have tentacles surrounding their mouth, which are used to catch and sting their prey.
  9. Some of the jellyfish stings can be poisonous, some of them known to be fatal to humans.
  10. They are carnivores preying on small fish, eggs and other marine invertebrates.
  11. Their transparent appearance makes it difficult for their predators to spot them.
  12. Their predators include humans, sharks, squid and sometimes birds.
  13. They are drifters moving very slowly, known to use their tentacle to occasionally propel them.
  14. They reproduce by releasing their eggs and sperms in water which eventually get fertilized.


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