Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Mammalia
                        Family : Otariidae
         Scientific Name : Arctocephalinae

                        Size(L) : 1.5m - 2m 
                                        (59in - 79in)
                        Weight : 105kg - 300kg 
                                        (230lbs - 661lbs)
                  Top Speed : 44km/h (27mph) 
                   Life Span : 12 - 18 years

                       Colour : Brown, Black, Grey
                  Skin Type : Fur
 Distinctive Features : External ear flaps
                                      and stocky build
  1. Fur Seals are marine mammals found in the oceans around the world.
  2. They are more closely related to the sea lion than the true seals.
  3. There are about eight Fur Seal species found in the world.
  4. Seven of these species are in the Southern Hemisphere and one species is found in the Northern Hemisphere.
  5. The fur seals have long, muscular fore flippers and have external ears.
  6. Distinctively, they have thick underfur, which keeps them warm in cold water.
  7. Surprisingly, when on land, they are quadrupeds.
  8. They breed in the summer months and go back to specific beaches and other rocky areas to breed.
  9. Once fur seal pups are completely weaned, their parents send them to the water to learn how to fend for themselves.
  10. Fur seals are known to lard their lives in herds.
  11. They are carnivores, feeding on fish, plankton, squids and eels.
  12. Their natural predators are killer whales, sea lions, sharks, and large leopard seals.
  13. On an average, they live to be around 12-18 years old.
  14. Fur Seals are a threatened species today.

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