Kingdom : Animalia
                                 Class : Mammalia
                              Family : Felidae
               Scientific Name : Panthera pardus

                              Colour : Yellow, Brown,
                         Skin Type : Fur
                              Size(L) : 100cm - 190cm 
                                              (40in - 75in)
                              Weight : 30kg - 90kg
                                              (66lbs - 198lbs)

                         Top Speed : 45km/h (30mph)
                          Life Span : 10 - 15 years
Most Distinctive Feature : Dense patterned 
                                              fur and long, 
                                              sharp teeth
                          Fun Fact : Spends much of 
                                             time high in 
                                             the trees!
  1. Leopards are medium sized wildcats native to sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia.
  2. There are around 7 sub species of leopards, with only the African leopard having a stable population.
  3. They have long, slender bodies with short stocky legs and a long tail.
  4. The leopard’s coat is covered with dark patterns called rosettes.
  5. They are wonderfully adapted to hunt at night with incredible hearing and sight.
  6. They are very adaptable and adjust to a variety of habitats and are excellent climbers.
  7. They are nocturnal hunters hunting on ground and on trees.
  8. They are solitary animals which are also very territorial.
  9. They mark their territories trough scent markings and by producing rough calls.
  10. The female leopard gives birth to 2-6 cubs per litter and looks after them for the first 2 years.
  11. They are unique in their hunting style of ambushing their prey silently rather than chase them for long.
  12. The feed on a variety of small and big animals and are known to drag their prey to safety.
  13. The leopard cubs are vulnerable and fall prey to Hyenas, Jackals, Lions, Tigers, Snakes and birds of prey.
  14. Interestingly, leopards were originally thought to be a hybrid of lion and Jaguar.
  15. Many of the leopard sub species are critically endangered with one of them almost being extinct.

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