Name : Bernese Mountain Dog
                    Origin : Switzerland 
          Average Size : 68cm (27in)
     Average Weight : 40kg (88lbs)

Average Life Span : 8 Years
                    Group : Sennenhund
                   Colour : Black, White, Tan
       Temperament : Intelligent, friendly
                                  and alert
  1. Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the largest breeds of dogs.
  2. They are believed to be natives of mountains of Switzerland.
  3. They belong to the Sennenhund group of dogs.
  4. Distinctively, they have three-color markings of black, white and tan.
  5. Interestingly, it is believed that a well-bred Bernese would have a horse-shoe shaped white marking straddling its nose.
  6. They are large dogs often growing between 50 and 70cm tall.
  7. They are very loyal, faithful, stable, intelligent and affectionate.
  8. They are very loving and quirky, often displaying their affection by leaning against or sitting on people’s feet.
  9. They were bred originally to assist in general farm work and are now sometimes used as mountain rescue dogs.
  10. They have a lower lifespan of around 8 years because of bone problems and cancer affecting them.
  11. They have a long, thick coat and therefore they need to be groomed regularly.
  12. They need to be trained from an early age because of their size.
  13. They also take their own time to think things through so they need a patient and consistent trainer.
  14. They do not respond well to harsh treatment and need to be encouraged with praise and treats.
  15. They are very stable in temperament, patient and loving and get along very well with other pets and small children.



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