Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Asteroidea
  Scientific Name : Asteroidea
                      Size : 5 - 20cm (2 - 20in)

                 Weight : 0.1 - 6kg (0.2 - 13lbs)
           Top Speed : 12.8km/h (8mph)
            Life Span : 3 - 27 years
           Skin Type : Rough
Special Features : Long arms and
                               suckers on their feet
  1. Starfish are found in the shallow to deeper coastal waters around the world.
  2. They are also popularly known as the sea star.
  3. They have 5 arms that are attached to a central disk which is the activity center for the starfish.
  4. The central disk contains the mouth of the starfish.
  5. Starfish have a hydraulic, water vascular system that helps them move.
  6. Interestingly, the starfish has two stomachs, one to begin digestion and the other to expand and engulf the prey.
  7. Through this unique digestive system, the starfish digests complex organisms.
  8. Starfish can regenerate itself into a new starfish with the central disk and one arm attached!.
  9. The tube feet on their ventral face help them in movement and feeding.
  10. Surprisingly, the starfish can change its gender as per its wish!.
  11. The female starfish releases about 1 million eggs in the water which are later fertilized by male starfish.
  12. The fertilized eggs develop into larvae which swim for 3 weeks before metamorphosing to their usual shape.
  13. The starfish are omnivores feeding mainly on oysters, clams, worms and sea urchins.
  14. Their natural predators include fish, crabs, rays, sharks and humans.
  15. Habitat loss and pollution have made them a threatened species today.

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