Name : Akita
                        Origin : Japan
                        Group : Dog

        Average Size(L) : 71cm (28in)
        Average Weight : 50kg (110lbs)
                  Life Span : 10 years

                      Colour : Brown, White,
                                       Black, Grey
          Temperament : Intelligent, coura-
                                     geous and fearless
Distinctive Features : Pointed ears and 
                                     upward curving tail
  1. The Akita are a medium sized domestic dog breed from the Japanese Akita Prefecture.
  2. They were initially bred to assist in hunting and to protect their owners.
  3. They have two layers of water-resistant fur coat for warmth.
  4. They come in a variety of colors.
  5. They are muscularly built with strong limbs to assist them in hunting.
  6. They are great swimmers with their slightly webbed paws.
  7. Distinctively, the Akita have a curved, upturned tail and small pointed ears.
  8. They are aggressive, dominant, intelligent and loyal dogs.
  9. They respond badly to harsh treatment and need positive reinforcement from experienced owners.
  10. They make for excellent guard dogs because of their suspicious nature.
  11. The modern day Akita are calmer in their temperament.
  12. They have an average life span of 9 to 15 years.
  13. The female Akita give birth to 3 to 12 pups per litter.
  14. Interestingly, the Akita was once declared as a “National treasure” in Japan.
  15. They are said to symbolize good health, good fortune and prosperity in Japanese households.

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