Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Mammalia
                        Family : Bovidae
         Scientific Name : Rupicapra 

                       Size(H) : 75cm - 80cm
                                        (30in - 31in)
                       Weight : 50kg - 55kg 
                                        (110lbs - 121lbs)
                 Top Speed : 17km/h (10mph)
                  Life Span : 18 - 22 years

                      Colour : Brown, Grey, Black,
                                      Tan, White
                 Skin Type : Fur
Distinctive Features : Black and white face 
                                     markings and back-
                                     ward curving horns
  1. The Chamois is a large sized mountain goat having their origin in the European mountains.
  2. They have also been introduced to the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island.
  3. They belong to the same family of animals as the sheep, goat and antelopes.
  4. They are stocky animals growing to an average height of 75cm and weighing around 50kg.
  5. They have short horns which curve backwards and their thick fur protects them from the cold mountainous climate.
  6. Their fur changes from deep brown color in summer to grey color in winter.
  7. The male chamois are solitary animals, meeting the females only during the mating season.
  8. The females are known to move in herds with other females and their young ones to protect each other.
  9. They mate between late winter to early spring.
  10. The females give birth to a single calf after a 5-6-month gestation.
  11. The calves are dependent on their mother for the first few months.
  12. They are herbivore feeding on a plant matter like grass, shrubs and leaves.
  13. They have their natural predators in wolves, foxes and wildcats.
  14. Humans pose the biggest threat to the chamois by hunting them for their meat.
  15. Though they are not an endangered species, there is a hunting ban on them to conserve mountainous animals.

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