Kingdom : Animalia
                            Class : Aves
                         Family : Threskiornithidae
          Scientific Name : Threskiornithidae

                        Size(H) : 50cm - 65cm 
                                        (19.7in - 25in)
                  Wing Span : 80cm - 120cm 
                                        (32in - 47in)
                         Weight : 0.3kg - 2kg 
                                        (0.6lbs - 4lbs)

                    Life Span : 8 - 15 years 
                        Colour : Black, White, 
                                       Grey, Brown
                   Skin Type : Feathers
  Distinctive Features : Rounded body and
                                       long neck and beak
  1. Ibis are a group of birds found in the temperate regions of the Southern Hemisphere.
  2. Distinctively, they have a long neck, a long beak and a rounded body.
  3. They inhabit the wetlands, swamps, marshes and areas near large amounts of water.
  4. There are around 30 species of ibis, varying in size and color.
  5. Depending on the species, they differ in size from around 5cm tall to over 1m tall.
  6. They are extremely social and gather in large flocks to feed and in the mating season, to find a partner.
  7. The female ibis builds a nest from sticks and reeds, on a tree, close to a river or a lake.
  8. The female ibis lays around 3 eggs which hatch after a few weeks.
  9. The ibis chicks are fed and cared for by their mothers till they fledge in 6 weeks.
  10. Although ibis are generally large in size, they prefer to rest on trees instead of ground.
  11. They omnivores mainly feeding on aquatic animals like fish, crabs, frogs, small mammals and reptiles and insects.
  12. Their long, pointed beak helps them pick out their prey from the mud.
  13. Their natural predators are Snakes, foxes and wild cats.
  14. The ibis eggs and chicks are preyed upon by large birds of prey.
  15. On an average they live to be around 8-15 years old.

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