Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Amphibiana
                       Family : Ranidae
        Scientific Name : Rana Catesbei

                       Size(L) : 9cm - 15cm 
                                       (3.5in - 6in)
                       Weight : 300g - 500g 
                                       (10.5oz - 17.6oz)
                 Top Speed : 17km/h (10mph)
                  Life Span : 6 - 10 years

                      Colour : Black, Green,       
                                      Brown, Yellow, Grey
                 Skin Type : Permeable
Distinctive Features : Powerful legs and 
                                      cow-like call
  1. Bullfrogs are medium sized frogs found across the continent of North America.
  2. They get their name from their famous, cow-like call.
  3. They inhabit permanent freshwater habitats like ponds, swamps and lakes.
  4. They prefer warmer climates to cooler ones and prefer to be closer to the banks.
  5. They are commonly kept as pets and also eaten by local people in some regions.
  6. Strangely, they have had a devastating impact on local ecosystems, when introduced to other countries.
  7. They are nocturnal hunters, actively hunting in the night and resting in the day.
  8. They are carnivores feeding on insects, larvae, eggs, spiders and small fish.
  9. Some larger bullfrogs are also known to eat small snakes.
  10. Bull frogs have numerous predators in large fish, river turtles, snakes and other aquatic animals.
  11. They breed from late spring to early summer, with the males trying to attract the females into their territory.
  12. After mating, the females lay around 20,000 eggs which float on the water surface.
  13. The eggs hatch within a week and the tadpoles are released in the surrounding water.
  14. Depending on their geographical location, the tadpoles take 3months to 3 years to develop into frogs.
  15. On an average, the hardy Bullfrogs get to live around 10 years in the wild.

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