Name : Ainu Dog
                       Origin : Japan
                       Group : Dog
       Average Size(H) : 50cm (20in)

       Average Weight : 30kg (65lbs)
   Average Life Span : 12 years
                      Colour : Grey, Tan, 
                                      White, Brown
          Temperament : Fearless, determined 
                                      and loyal
Distinctive Features : Sharply pointed ears 
                                      and upturned tail
  1. The Ainu Dog is believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.
  2. Ainu people are said to have bred them in freezing conditions.
  3. The Ainu dogs are extremely strong and powerful.
  4. They have a thick coat of fur which protects them in their freezing habitat.
  5. Their relation to a Chinese species of domestic dog is suggested by black spots on their tongue.
  6. They are excellent guard dogs, being naturally wild and powerful.
  7. They have an acute sense of direction which helps them get back to their keepers.
  8. They are alert, brave, and very faithful.
  9. Sometimes they make a howling noise which sounds similar to a wolf.
  10. They were originally bred to protect and assist in hunting and gathering food.
  11. They are now mostly kept as guard dogs or family pets.
  12. The female Ainu dog gives birth to around 7 puppies per litter.
  13. The pups are blind at birth and devoid of any fur but grow up really fast.
  14. The Ainu Dogs are a favorite national breed of the Japanese people.
  15. They are also found in a few households in Europe and America.

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