Kingdom : Animalia
                        Class : Mammalia
                     Family : Bovidae
      Scientific Name : Capra Falconeri

                     Size(L) : 132cm - 186cm 
                                       (52in - 73in)
                     Weight : 32kg - 110kg 
                                        (71lbs - 240lbs)
                Top Speed : 17km/h (10mph)
                 Life Span : 10 - 13 years

                      Colour : Grey, Black, White, 
                                       Brown, Tan
                 Skin Type : Hair
Distinctive Features : Long winter hair and 
                                     large, spiralled horns
  1. The Markhor is a species of wild goat found in the Western and Central Asian mountainous regions.
  2. Their name is derived from the Persian word for snake.
  3. They either get their name from their coiled horns or their ability to kill snakes in the wild.
  4. They are known to inhabit the high altitude monsoon forests with plenty of oaks, pines and junipers.
  5. Distinctively, they have large spiral horns and long, white hair to protect them from the cold.
  6. The males have huge horns often growing up to 1.5m in length and the horn of the females grow around 50cm.
  7. They have adapted very well to the high altitudes and can inhabit elevations of 600m – 3,600m.
  8. They are diurnal animals that are active during the daytime.
  9. Markhors are herbivores, feeding on grass, herbs, leaves, fruits and flowers.
  10. Their significance in their eco-system is defined by their spreading of seeds through their dung.
  11. Their natural predators are wild cats, lynxes, snow leopards and packs of wolves.
  12. Markhors are the national animals of Pakistan.
  13. The female Markhor gives birth to one or two kids after a 6-month-gestation.
  14. The kids are looked after by their mother till they are able to fend for themselves.
  15. Due to habitat loss through deforestation, Markhors are an endangered species today.

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