Kingdom : Animalia
                   Class : Mammalia
                Family : Pitheciidae
 Scientific Name : Cacajao

                Colour : Red, Brown, 
                                White, Black
           Skin Type : Fur
                Size(L) : 38cm - 57cm 
                                 (15in - 22.5in)
                Weight : 3kg - 3.5kg 
                                 (6.5lbs - 7.75lbs)

           Life Span : 16 - 22 years
Most Distinctive 
              Feature : Hairless face and 
                                fore head
            Fun Fact : Have a very short tail 
                                for their size!
  1. Uakaris are small monkeys found in the tropical rainforests of South America.
  2. They have hairy bodies, but completely bald heads and pink or red faces.
  3. There are about 4 different species of Uakari monkeys known to us so far.
  4. They live on trees and travel by jumping from one tree to another.
  5. Uakaris are omnivorous and eat fruits, leaves, seeds, insects and small reptiles.
  6. The opposable thumbs of the Uakari monkeys help them hold and peel fruits easily.
  7. They have a very short tail and use their strong hind legs to jump.
  8. They are not solitary animals and tend to live in groups of 10 – 30.
  9. Females attract males with a scent that they release between October and May.
  10. Only one baby monkey is born which is helpless for the first few months.
  11. Uakari monkeys can live for about 16 – 22 years.
  12. They are diurnal meaning they are active during the day and rest at night.
  13. They are hunted as food by indigenous tribes and are also kept as pets.
  14. Uakari monkeys are facing habitat loss thanks to deforestation and pollution.
  15. The main predators of the Uakari monkeys are large birds of prey and snakes.

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