Kingdom : Animalia
                             Class : Cephalopoda
                          Family : Sepiida
           Scientific Name : Sepiida

                          Size(L) : 15cm - 50cm
                                           (5.9in - 20in)
                          Weight : 3kg - 10.5kg 
                                           (6.6lbs - 23lbs)
       Average Life Span : 1 - 3 years
                          Colour : Green, Yellow,
                                          White, Brown, 
                                          Pink, Red, Blue 
                     Skin Type : Smooth
Main Special Features : Long body shape
                                          and eyes
  1. Cuttlefish are small-medium sized molluscs found all around the world in oceans.
  2. Their habitat ranges from the warm tropical shallows to the deep cold ocean waters.
  3. There are around 120 recognized species of cuttlefish in the world.
  4. Their size varies from 15cm to around half a meter in length.
  5. They are closely related to squids and octopuses.
  6. They have an elongated body with tentacles around their mouths.
  7. They have an ink sac and they eject the ink as a means to defend themselves against their predators.
  8. They are best known for their flashing colors while mating and fighting.
  9. Cuttlefish have the ability to change their body color to hide themselves.
  10. They catch their prey by hiding themselves and bring them near through the sucker pads on tentacles.
  11. They are carnivores feeding on small crustaceans and fish.
  12. Cuttlefish have their predators in large fish, sharks, other cuttlefish and humans.
  13. Male cuttlefish change their body color during the mating season to attract the females.
  14. Interestingly, some male fish disguise themselves as female fish to steal the mates from a dominant male.
  15. Sadly, the female cuttlefish dies soon after laying eggs.

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