Kingdom : Animalia
                                     Class : Mammalia
                                  Family : Felidae
                   Scientific Name : Prionailurus 

                                 Size(L) : 46cm - 65cm 
                                                 (18in - 26in)
                                 Weight : 2.2kg - 7.5kg 
                                                (4.9lbs - 17lbs)
                            Top Speed : 72.4km/h
                             Life Span : 10 - 13 years

                                 Colour : Grey, Black, 
                                                Yellow, White
                            Skin Type : Fur
           Distinctive Features : Webbed toes 
                                                 and spotted fur
  1. Leopard Cats are a small species of wild cats found in South East Asia and Indian Subcontinent.
  2. They get their name from their spotted fur which resembles the spots of a leopard.
  3. There are around 11 species of leopard cats found in the Asian Jungles.
  4. They inhabit the tropical jungles, woodlands, semi-desert regions and scrublands near water.
  5. They grow to be around the same size a s a normal household cat.
  6. They are excellent swimmers, however they do not swim often.
  7. They are also very adept climbers and are known to climb trees with great speed and agility.
  8. They are solitary animals and are known to be quite territorial.
  9. They mark their territories with scratch marks on trees and urine.
  10. They are nocturnal animals hunting their prey at night.
  11. They are carnivores feeding on rodents, frogs, birds, lizards, insects and eggs.
  12. Their natural predators are tigers, wild dogs, leopards and large snakes.
  13. The female leopard cat gives birth to 2-4 kittens per litter after an 8-10-week gestation.
  14. The kittens are born blind and are looked after by their parents for the first 10 months.
  15. Habitat loss through deforestation is the biggest threat to the leopard cats today.


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