Kingdom : Animalia
                     Class : Cephalopoda
                  Family : Octopodidae
   Scientific Name : Octopus Vulgaris

                       Size : 0.3 - 4m (1 - 13ft)
                  Weight : 5 - 75kg (11 - 165lbs)
            Top Speed : 43km/h (27mph)
             Life Span : 2 - 15 years

                 Colour : Tan, Brown, Red,
                                 Orange, Blue, Purple
           Skin Type : Smooth
Special Features : Eight tentacles with 
                                 suckers and ink sack
  1. Nightingales are small birds thought to be previously members of the thrush family.
  2. They look very similar to the female robins.
  3. They are found in the European and Asian forests in the summer.
  4. They migrate to warmer Africa during the winters and go back during spring.
  5. They are small birds growing to an average size of 15 cm.
  6. They have plain brown feathers with red-sided tails.
  7. Despite their names, they are morning birds.
  8. They are best known for their loud song, characteristically a loud whistling crescendo.
  9. Interestingly, their name means night songstress and are named so because their song id heard during days as well as nights.
  10. In fact, it is believed that the unpaired male nightingales sing during the night to attract their female counterparts.
  11. Funnily, they are believed to be louder in urban areas to compensate for the background noise.
  12. They are omnivores feeding on fruits, seeds, insects and nuts.
  13. Their numerous predators include rats, foxes, cats, large lizards, birds of prey and snakes
  14. Nightingales mate in spring and the eggs hatch after a couple of weeks of incubation.
  15. Though they can be easily heard, it is hard to spot a nightingale and its nest.

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