Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Aves
                       Family : Muscicapidae
        Scientific Name : Erithacus Rubecula

                       Size(L) : 12.5cm - 14cm
                                        (5in - 5.5in)
                       Weight : 16g - 22g 
                                        (0.5oz - 0.7oz)
                Wing Span : 20cm - 22cm
                                        (8in - 9in)
                 Top Speed : 29km/h (18mph)

                  Life Span : 1- 3 years
                      Colour : Brown, White, 
                 Skin Type : Feathers
Distinctive Features : Small body size and 
                                      bright red chest 
                                      of males
  1. Robins are small birds native to Europe and Asia.
  2. Now a days subspecies of European robin can also be found in parts of north America, Africa and New Zealand.
  3. The most distinctive bird of the robin family is the European Robin with its bright orange chest.
  4. Other species of robins are brown in color and fairly plain.
  5. The female robin looks very similar to the nightingale.
  6. There are around 45 species of robins in Australia.
  7. Robins are omnivores feeding on insects, worms, fruits, seeds and berries.
  8. Robins have numerous predators in cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons and larger birds.
  9. Robin eggs are preyed upon by rats and snakes.
  10. Except the robins inhabiting the arctic circle, robins do not migrate.
  11. They mate in late winter to early spring and the female robin lays around 4-5 eggs.
  12. The eggs hatch after about 2 weeks of incubation by the mother robin.
  13. The male robin, though doesn’t incubate the eggs; is known to bring food for the female robin in the nest.
  14. The robin chicks do not have a bright colored chest when they are born and develop it much later.
  15. Both the parents are known to feed the robin chicks for the first month.

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