Kingdom : Animalia
                   Class : Mammalia
                Family : Talpidae
 Scientific Name : Talpidae

                     Size : 12 - 15 cm (4.7 - 5.9in)
                Weight : 250 - 550g (8.8 - 19.4oz)
          Top Speed : 6km/h (4mph)
           Life Span : 3 - 6 years

                Colour : Brown, Grey, 
                                 Black, White
           Skin Type : Fur
Special Features : Long curved claws and
                                pointed snout
  1. Moles are small mammals found in Asia, Europe, South Africa and North America.
  2. They use their long, curved claws to dig underground burrows and are known to create long tunnels very quickly.
  3. There is typically a mound of soil marking the entrance to the tunnel and the mound is called a mole hill.
  4. There are around 20 species of moles found in the world with some of them being aquatic or semi aquatic moles.
  5. Most of the moles appear to be similar and vary only in size.
  6. The star nosed mole is a species of mole which has a star shaped ending to its snout.
  7. Moles are omnivores feeding mainly on earthworms and insects.
  8. There is a certain type of toxin in their saliva which paralyses the worms and insects, helping the moles to feed.
  9. Some of the larger moles also prey on small mice by catching them at the entrance of their burrows.
  10. Their natural predators are various mammals, birds and reptiles.
  11. They have very small eyes and ears but have an exceptionally keen sense of smell.
  12. Some of the mole species are known to detect and devour their prey within a second.
  13. The female mole gives birth to 2-6 babies after a month-long gestation.
  14. The mole babies are dependent on their mother for the first month after which they fend for themselves.
  15. Sometimes, the moles are accidentally killed by gardeners while using a spade.

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