Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Aves
                       Family : Paradisaeidae
        Scientific Name : Paradisaeidae

                      Size(H) : 15cm - 110cm 
                                         (6in - 43in)
                Wing Span : 20cm - 120cm 
                                         (7.9in - 47in)
                      Weight : 50g - 430g 
                                          (1.8oz - 15.2oz)
                  Life Span : 5 - 8 years

                      Colour : Black, White, Grey, 
                                      Green, Brown, Blue, 
                                       Yellow, Red
                 Skin Type : Feathers
Distinctive Features : Brightly coloured 
                                     feathers and elaborate 
                                     dance of male
  1. Birds of Paradise are a group of birds found in the tropical rain forests of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and parts of eastern Australia.
  2. There are around 50 species of birds of paradise ranging from a 15 cm to 1 m in height.
  3. These birds are very rare and are found only in certain places in particular habitat.
  4. So much so that the Birds of Paradise were unknown to the western world till 1996!.
  5. They are most famous for being attractive and dramatic birds.
  6. The male birds of paradise have a beautiful array of feathers which they use too attract the females.
  7. They display their bright colored feathers and display their unique dance moves.
  8. Most female birds of paradise are dull light brown feather and look somewhat like a nightingale.
  9. Some species of birds of paradise feed on fruits and berries whereas others prefer insects, and still others spiders.
  10. They are solitary birds coming together only to mate.
  11. The female bird of paradise lays her eggs in a nest which could be on ground, on trees or in dense foliage.
  12. The chicks that hatch out after a round 20 days are incubation are usually born without feathers.
  13. The newborn chicks are vulnerable as they cannot stand or fly and are dependent on their mother for food and protection.
  14. The chicks fledge after a month of their birth and are independent from then on.
  15. The main predators of birds of paradise are the humans living in the same habitat.
  16. They are also threatened by habitat loss due to deforestation.


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