Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Aves
                        Family : Spheniscidae
         Scientific Name : Eudyptes Schlegeli 

                       Size(H) : 60cm - 68cm 
                                      (24in - 27in)
                       Weight : 3kg - 6kg
                                       (6.6lbs - 13lbs)
                  Life Span : 15 - 20 years
                      Colour : Black, White, 
                                      Grey, Yellow

                 Skin Type : Feathers
Distinctive Features : Orange beak with 
                                      yellow feathers on
  1. Royal Penguins are large penguins found in the waters around Antarctica.
  2. They are closely related to the macaroni penguin and can be easily confused with them.
  3. They have distinctive yellow feathers growing from their forehead to the back of their head.
  4. They spend most of their time hunting in the rich, freezing water surrounding Antarctica.
  5. They breed only on the south-western Pacific island called the Macquarie Island.
  6. They differ from macaroni penguins in having white chins and faces and in inhabiting a different breeding ground.
  7. They are excellent swimmers reaching top speeds of 20mph and capable of diving up to 150m deep.
  8. Their powerful flippers, streamlined body and webbed feet help them swim efficiently.
  9. They are carnivores mainly feeding on krill, small crustaceans and occasionally on squid and fish.
  10. Their natural predators are large sharks, killer whales and leopard seals.
  11. Humans have hunted royal penguins for the oil found in their feathers.
  12. They nest on beaches and island coastal slopes that have vegetation
  13. The female royal penguin lays 2 eggs that hatch after a 35-day incubation.
  14. The chicks are independent and leave the nest after 2 months.
  15. Due to extensive human hunting, they were seriously affected.
  16. They are now a species that is protected from hunting but are still listed as being vulnerable.

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