Kingdom : Animalia
                     Class : Mammalia
                  Family : Macropodidae
   Scientific Name : Macropus Giganteus

                      Size : 0.6 - 1.5m (1.9 - 4.9ft)
                 Weight : 18 - 95kg (40 - 200lbs)
           Top Speed : 55km/h (35mph)
            Life Span : 4 - 10 years
                Colour : Brown, Tan, Grey
           Skin Type : Fur
Special Features : Pouch on female and
                                hop on hind legs
  1. The Kangaroos are marsupials found in Australia and Indonesian island of New Guinea.
  2. Marsupials are an animal group which have a pouch in their belly to carry their young ones.
  3. Kangaroos are the largest marsupials, capable of jumping a phenomenal distance.
  4. They have large, flat feet which help them move by hopping.
  5. Surprisingly, they can run really fast with top speed reaching 35mph.
  6. Although Kangaroos are quite solitary in nature, they are known to be sociable as well.
  7. The baby Kangaroo is called Joey.
  8. Kangaroos are omnivores feeding on plants, nuts, berries and insects.
  9. There are mainly 3 species – The Red Kangaroo, The Eastern Grey Kangaroo and the Western Grey Kangaroo.
  10. The Red Kangaroo is the largest and most well-known species of Kangaroo.
  11. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo is the heaviest species of Kangaroo.
  12. The Kangaroo is the National Animal and National Emblem of Australia.
  13. Wild Kangaroos are often hunted by humans for sport, meat and fur.
  14. Sometimes farmers hunt Kangaroos to conserve their grazing land for sheep and cattle.
  15. Such sustainable hunting is said to be healthy for the environment.
  16. The average lifespan of Kangaroos is less than 10 years.

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