Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Felidae
  Scientific Name : Felis Lynx 

                      Size : 0.8 - 1.3m (31.5 - 52in)
                 Weight : 10 - 25kg (22 - 55lbs)
           Top Speed : 88km/h (50mph)
            Life Span : 12 - 20 years

                Colour : Tan, Yellow, Brown,
           Skin Type : Fur
Special Features : Long tufts on ears 
                                and short tail
  1. The Lynx is a bigger member of the cat family found in North America.
  2. Distinctively, they have long, hairy tufts on their ears and a short stubby tail.
  3. There are 3 types- The North American Lynx, The European Lynx and the Asian Lynx.
  4. The North American lynx is the largest species of lynx and has very thick fur for protection from cold.
  5. The other two species of lynx are smaller and have personalities like those of domestic cats.
  6. They inhabit the grasslands and the dense shrubs in the forests.
  7. They are also known to be excellent climbers of trees and wonderful swimmers.
  8. Their large paws give them their power and great balance while on trees.
  9. They have an excellent sense of hearing which helps them detect their prey from a long distance.
  10. They hunt and prey on reindeer, deer, elk, small mammals, birds and fish.
  11. They use their strong jaws and sharp teeth to bite their prey thereby killing them.
  12. They usually hunt alone and occasionally hunt in small groups.
  13. The female lynx gives birth to 2-6 kittens after a 70-day gestation and looks after the kittens for the first 9 months,
  14. Interestingly, the lynx kittens develop their hunting skills by playing with their mother’s prey.
  15. The mother lynx takes back her prey to her den only while providing for her kittens.
  16. The lynx has its natural predators in Wolves, coyotes, cougars and humans.


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