Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Felidae
  Scientific Name : Neofelis nebulosa

                 Colour : Yellow, Grey, Tawny, 
                                  Black, Brown
            Skin Type : Fur
                 Size(L) : 60cm - 110cm 
                                    (24in - 43in)
                 Weight : 11kg - 30kg 
                                    (24lbs - 66lbs)

           Top Speed : 64kph (40mph)
            Life Span : 11 - 17 years
 Most Distinctive 
               Feature : Dark cloud-like
                                 markings and long tail
             Fun Fact : Has canines that can 
                                be two inches long!
  1. Clouded leopards are medium sized felines found in the South-East Asian Tropical Jungles.
  2. Despite, their name, they are not closely related to the leopards and are the smallest of the big cats.
  3. They are thought to be the evolutionary link between the small cats and the big cats.
  4. There are 2 species- The clouded leopard found in the mainland and the Sunda clouded leopard found in Borneo and Sumatra.
  5. Distinctively, they have cloud like markings on their body which are dark in the venter and lined with black.
  6. They have long canines which measure around 2 inches long and are as long as that of the tiger’s.
  7. They also have an incredibly long tail which helps them to move about in trees.
  8. They are known to spend most of their lives on trees and exceptionally good climbers.
  9. They are shy and elusive animals known to lead a nocturnal lifestyle.
  10. They are solitary animals that are fiercely territorial marking their territories with scratch marks and urine.
  11. The clouded leopard kittens are born, after a 3-month gestation, in summer.
  12. They are born with a dark fur and do not get their adult coloration till 6 months.
  13. The kittens grow independent of their mothers at 9 months.
  14. They are carnivores preying and feeding on rodents, monkeys, deer, cattle, wild boars and livestock.
  15. Though they have no natural predators, they are often hunted by humans for their beautiful fur.
  16. Habitat loss and hunting have made clouded leopards a vulnerable species.


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