Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Mammalia
                      Family : Camelidae
       Scientific Name : Camelus dromedarius

                       Group : Mammal
                      Colour : Cream, Tan, 
                                      Brown, Black
                 Skin Type : Hair
                      Size(L) : 2.2m -3.5m
                                       ( 7.25ft - 11.5ft)

                      Weight : 300kg - 690kg 
                                       ( 660lbs - 1,500lbs)
                Top Speed : 64kph (40mph)
                 Life Span : 40 - 50 years

Distinctive Features : Long, curved
                                      neck and large hump
                  Fun Fact : Can survive without 
                                      water for 10 months!
  1. The camels are large hoofed animals commonly found in the deserts of North Africa and Middle East.
  2. They are also known as the Dromedary Camels, Arabian Camels and the One-Humped Camels.
  3. Their short thick fur protects them from hot sun during the day and the cool temperatures at night.
  4. Their two toes can be stretched apart and help them from sinking in the desert sand.
  5. They can wonderfully adapt to the harsh temperatures and scarcity of food and water in deserts.
  6. They are widely domesticated and provide a vital means of transportation and food to the local people.
  7. They are known to move in herds with females and young ones led by a single dominant male.
  8. They store fat and water in their humps which provides them with vital energy during scarcity of food.
  9. Incredibly, they can survive without water for around 10 months!.
  10. Despite their huge size, Camels have very few sweat glands in their bodies which prevent water loss.
  11. Interestingly, their oval shaped blood cells facilitate easy blood flow even when they are dehydrated.
  12. They are known to feed on thorny plants and plants with high salt content.
  13. They have an ability to drink up to 40 gallons of water in a short time.
  14. They are known to breed from November to march.
  15. Female camels give birth to a single calf after a 13-month gestation.
  16. Camels are now extinct in the wild but are quite common as domestic animals.

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