Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Callitrichidae
  Scientific Name : Callithrix Pygmaea

                      Size : 14 - 16cm (5.5 - 6.3in)
                 Weight : 120g - 140g (4.2 - 4.9oz)
           Top Speed : 40km/h (24mph)
            Life Span : 8 - 12 years
                Colour : Brown, Tan, Grey, 
                               Black, White
           Skin Type : Fur
Special Features : Long tail and furry 
                                ear tufts
  1. Pygmy Marmosets are smallest species of monkeys in the world found in South American Jungles.
  2. On an average, they grow to be around 15cm tall and have a 20cm long tail.
  3. The long tail provides them with perfect balance while jumping between the tree branches.
  4. Their sharp claws help them climb trees and they inhabit the canopy tree tops assisted by their light weight.
  5. They are often called as pocket monkey and the little lion by tourists for their tiny size.
  6. They are omnivores feeding on berries, fruits, insects and reptiles.
  7. Their natural predators are wildcats, snakes and birds.
  8. Though they are popular choice for exotic pets, they are quite difficult to keep.
  9. They tend to dislike their owners a lot and show their aggressiveness by biting them and throwing their feces at them.
  10. They are also quite time consuming as pets as they need to be fed every two hours for the first two weeks after they are born.
  11. They are also prone to depression and are likely to die if they are separated from their family.
  12. They live in troops comprising the head male and female with their offspring.
  13. The dominant male of the troop continues to be dominant despite the presence of other males in the troop.
  14. The female pygmy marmoset gives birth to one or two babies after a 4.5-month gestation.
  15. The babies are carried by the male pygmy marmoset till the babies are capable to look after themselves.
  16. Habitat loss through deforestation has made the pygmy marmoset a species that is threatened from extinction, today.

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