Kingdom : Animalia
                  Class : Mammalia
               Family : Gliridae
Scientific Name : Gliridae

               Size(L) : 6cm - 19cm (2.4in - 7.5in)
               Weight : 15g - 200g (0.5oz - 7.1oz)
         Top Speed : 12.8km/h (8mph)
          Life Span : 2- 5 years
  1. Dormouse is a small rodent found in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  2. They were originally found only in Europe but now they have extended their range to the warmer climate.
  3. There are around 29 species of dormouse found in the world.
  4. They inhabit the dense forests and woodlands foraging the thick undergrowth.
  5. They are best known for their long hibernation through the cool winter months.
  6. After emerging from hibernation, they breed, with females giving birth to more than a litter per year.
  7. The dormice babies are born without hair and do not open their eyes for 2-3 weeks.
  8. Although they are generally small- sized, some species may grow to be 20cm long.
  9. Their small size allows them to easily move through vegetation without getting detected.
  10. Most of them are agile and have adapted very well to climbing and living in trees.
  11. They communicate between themselves through noises which they pick up through their sensitive hearing.
  12. Some of the dormouse species are nocturnal.
  13. They are omnivores feeding on fruits, nuts, seeds, insects, berries and flowers
  14. Their exact diet depends on the species and on their geographic location.
  15. Their natural predators are foxes, cats, stoats, weasels, owls, falcons and small eagles.
  16. Though not vulnerable from extinction, dormice numbers are declining due to habitat loss.

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