Kingdom : Animalia
                        Class : Reptilia
                     Family : Alligatoridae
      Scientific Name : Caimaninae

                     Size(L) : 1.1m - 5m 
                                      (43in - 197in)
                     Weight : 100kg - 500kg 
                                      (220lbs - 1,102lbs)
                Top Speed : 48km/h (30mph)
                 Life Span : 30 - 40 years

                      Colour : Green, Brown,
                                       Black, Grey
                 Skin Type : Scales
Distinctive Features : Narrow body shape
                                     and long tail
  1. Caimans are large aquatic reptiles found in Central and South America.
  2. They are found inhabiting the mangroves, marshes, swamps, rivers and lakes.
  3. They are very closely related to crocodiles and alligators.
  4. There are 6 species of Caiman found in the world.
  5. Most of them grow to an average of 2.5m in length but depending on the species they may vary in size.
  6. The Dwarf Caiman is the smallest species with the average length of around 1m.
  7. The Black Caiman is the largest Caiman species with individuals growing to around 5m.
  8. Caimans have scale skin with a narrow bodies and long tails.
  9. They are nocturnal animals mostly hunting at night.
  10. Caimans are carnivores preying on fish, insects, birds, small mammals and reptiles.
  11. They have almost no natural predators in the wild except an odd Jaguar.
  12. Humans are known to hunt them for their skin and meat.
  13. They build large nests which may be 1.5 m wide.
  14. The female caiman lays around 20-50 eggs per clutch, which hatch in about 6 weeks’ time.
  15. The young caimans are taken to shallow pool by their mother to teach them how to hunt and swim.
  16. Due to water pollution and human hunting, caimans are a threatened species today.


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