Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Hominidae
  Scientific Name : Gorilla Gorilla Diehli

                Size(H) : 1.4m - 1.7m 
                                 (4.7ft - 5.5ft)
                Weight : 100kg - 200kg 
                                 (220lbs - 440lbs)
           Top Speed : 40km/h (25mph)
            Life Span : 35 - 50 years

                Colour : Black, Grey
           Skin Type : Hair
Special Features : Large head and 
                                 long arms
  1. Cross River Gorillas are a subspecies of Western Gorilla found in the African Jungles.
  2. There are two subspecies of Western gorillas, the other being the Western lowland gorilla.
  3. The difference between the two subspecies is the difference in the gorillas’ tooth and skull size.
  4. They are normally found on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon.
  5. They are known to inhabit the tropical jungles, lowland swamps and secondary forests.
  6. The cross river gorilla is an extremely rare to find animal with less than 300 individuals present in the wild.
  7. They are one of the great apes, along with the orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees and the humans.
  8. They also have opposable thumbs, like other great apes, which helps them peel the fruits.
  9. They are omnivores feeding on fruits, leaves, nuts, berries, insects, small reptiles and rodents.
  10. They are known to use tools in order to gather food more effectively.
  11. They have very few natural predators in large cats and crocodiles.
  12. They live in groups led by the alpha male who mate with the females in the group.
  13. The baby gorillas are dependent on their mothers and live with them for the first few years.
  14. Recent civil unrest and deforestation has severely affected the cross river gorilla.
  15. Humans have also hunted them for their meat, adding to their declining numbers.
  16. They are one of the 25 most endangered animals on earth today.

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