Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Aves
                        Family : Falconidae
         Scientific Name : Falconiforme 

                       Size(H) : 22cm - 40cm 
                                        (9in - 19in)
                       Weight : 0.7kg - 1.2kg 
                                        (1.5lbs - 2.6lbs)
                Wing Span : 51cm - 110cm 
                                        (20in - 43in)
                 Top Speed : 322km/h (200mph)

                  Life Span : 12 - 18 years
                       Colour : Black, Grey, Brown, 
                                       White, Yellow
                  Skin Type : Feathers
 Distinctive Features : Sharp, pointed beak 
                                       and aerodynamic 
                                       body shape
  1. Falcons are medium sized birds found all around the world.
  2. They are well known for their incredible flying abilities and their ruthlessness.
  3. Their tapered wings allow them to change directions very quickly.
  4. Their aerodynamic body shape, their acute eyesight and strong pointed beak help them survive.
  5. They are the fastest creatures on the planet as they are known to dive at speeds of up to 200mph.
  6. There are around 40 species of Falcons found across the world.
  7. Depending on the species they vary in size from around 25cm to 60cm in height.
  8. The Peregrine falcon is found in all continents except Antarctica and are the most common bird of prey.
  9. They are dominant predators in their environment with incredible hunting skills.
  10. After spotting their prey with their excellent eyesight, they swoop down on their prey at unbelievable speed.
  11. They prey on mice, frogs, fish and small birds which they catch midair.
  12. Humans and wolves hunt them on ground and the smaller species of falcon are preyed by eagles and owls, midair.
  13. Falcons are solitary bird, coming together only to mate.
  14. The make their nest on high ground like mountains, cliffs or tall trees so that their eggs and chicks are safe.
  15. The female falcon lays around 3 eggs per clutch and look after the chicks till they are independent.
  16. Some migratory species of falcon are known to travel around 15,000 miles per year.

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