Kingdom : Animalia
                                  Class : Mammalia
                               Family : Ailuridae
                Scientific Name : Ailurus fulgens

                               Colour : Red, Brown, 
                          Skin Type : Fur
                               Size(L) : 60cm - 120cm 
                                              (24in - 47in)
                               Weight : 3kg - 6.2kg 
                                               (7lbs - 14lbs)

                         Top Speed : 34km/h (24mph)
                          Life Span : 8 - 12 years
Most Distinctive Feature : Rusty coloured 
                                              thick fur and 
                                               striped face
                          Fun Fact : There are less 
                                                than 3,000 left 
                                                in the world 
  1. Red Pandas are carnivorous mammals found in the slopes of Himalayas.
  2. They are related to the Giant Panda and also share a lot of characteristics with raccoons.
  3. Therefore, they are classified as a separate group of animals.
  4. They are also known as the Lesser Panda, The Red-Cat Bear and The Fire- Fox
  5. They are the size of a large domestic cat with a cat-like face and a long-bushy tail.
  6. They have rust colored fur with white cheeks, muzzle and ears and have white spots above their eyes.
  7. They have semi-retractable claws, an extended wrist bone acting as a thumb to help them hold bamboo.
  8. They have wooly fur on their soles to give them better grip on wet trees and to keep them warm.
  9. They inhabit the temperate forests at altitudes of 1,800-4,000feet on the Himalayas where they have hardwood forests with Bamboo.
  10. Red Panda Mainly feed on bamboo and it is this dependence, that has reduced there, once vast range, today.
  11. They are solitary animals that come together only during the mating season.
  12. They are excellent climbers and spend most of their time on trees.
  13. They are nocturnal animals that forage for food in the cover of darkness and rest on trees during the days.
  14. They are known to be territorial animals marking their territories with a musky secretion from their anal glands, droppings and urine.
  15. They breed from January to March and the females give birth to 1-5 cubs after a 4-month gestation.
  16. The cubs are born blind and are cared for by their mother till they can fend for themselves.
  17. Due to habitat loss, the red panda is an endangered species today

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