Kingdom : Animalai
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Bovidae
  Scientific Name : Ovis Aries

                      Size : 90 - 140cm (35 - 55in)
                 Weight : 40 - 130kg (88 - 298lbs)
           Top Speed : 40km/h (25mph)
            Life Span : 5 - 10 years

                Colour : Brown, White,
                                 Yellow, Black
           Skin Type : Wool
Special Features : Thick, woolly coat 
                               and short tail
  1. Sheep are medium sized mammals found in the grass plains and mountainous regions.
  2. Sheep are commercially farmed in New Zealand, Australia, parts of North America and the United Kingdom.
  3. They are mainly farmed for their meat and wool and occasionally for their milk.
  4. There are around 1300 species of sheep around the world, 200 of which are domestic sheep.
  5. Depending on the species they differ in size and weight but they appear very similar otherwise.
  6. They are very closely related to goat.
  7. Any hybrid offspring of goat and sheep would be infertile because of the genetic mismatch.
  8. Sheep’s hair on wool is called fleece and is very widely used around the world.
  9. Wild sheep are larger, great mountain climbers and have longer horns for defense.
  10. Sheep have a complex digestive system similar to that of goats, deer and cows.
  11. Their stomach has 4 chambers which aid digestion of their plant based diet.
  12. Their natural predators include dogs, wolves and wild cats.
  13. Sheep are known to move in flocks to avoid getting targeted by predators.
  14. Most of the species of sheep breed once a year, some species are known to breed all year round.
  15. A number of female sheep (Ewe) mate with a single male sheep(Ram) like most of the herd animals.
  16. The ewes tend to give birth to the lambs around springtime in order to give them enough time to adjust to winters.
  17. Sheep play a significant role in the world agriculture economy.



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