Kingdom : Animalia
                     Class : Mammalia
                  Family : Hominidae
   Scientific Name : Pongo pygmaeus,Pongo 

                 Colour  : Red, Orange, Grey,
                                    Brown, Black
             Skin Type : Hair
                 Size(H) : 1.25m - 1.5m 
                                   (4ft - 5ft)
                 Weight : 30kg - 90kg
                                   (66lbs - 200lbs)

           Top Speed : 6kph (2.7mph)
            Life Span : 30 - 40 yaers
Most Distinctive
               Feature : Red hair and
                                longer arms than legs 
             Fun Fact : An estimated 5,000 are
                                 killed every year!
  1. Orangutans are one of the largest primates in the world.
  2. They are the only members of the Great-Ape family found outside Africa.
  3. There are 2 species – The Bornean Orangutan and The Sumatran Orangutan.
  4. They are arboreal animals spending most of their life on the trees.
  5. Instead of leaping, they use their hands to swing themselves close enough to grab the other tree.
  6. They have special features which help them to adapt to their tree-dwelling lifestyle.
  7. They have a throat pouch which helps them make deep calls to echo through the forests.
  8. The male orangutans are known to make these calls to both intimidate their rivals and attract their female counterparts.
  9. They inhabit the dense tropical forests and lowlands of Borneo and Sumatra.
  10. They are different from other great -apes in being solitary and arboreal.
  11. They are not territorial, with the Sumatran Orangutans being more sociable than the Bornean Orangutans.
  12. The female orangutan gives birth to a single infant after a 9-month gestation.
  13. The infant remains with the mother under her care for nearly 7-8 years.
  14. Orangutans are omnivores feeding majorly on plant matter and occasionally on animal matter.
  15. They have their predators in Humans, tigers and clouded leopards.
  16. It is one of the most intelligent animals and they are known to use tools.
  17. Due to habitat loss and hunting, they are a critically endangered species today.

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