Kingdom : Animalia
                                   Class : Mammalia
                                Family : Phascolarctidae
                 Scientific Name : Phascolarctos 

                                Colour : Grey-Brow, 
                                                White, Black
                           Skin Type : Fur
                               Size(H) : 60cm - 85cm 
                                              (24in - 34in)
                               Weight : 4kg - 15kg 
                                              (8.8lbs - 33lbs)

                         Top Speed : 10km/h (2mph)
                          Life Span : 15 - 20 years
Most Distinctive Feature : Large, wide 
                                             head and tufted,
                                             round ears
                          Fun Fact : Spends up to 
                                             80% of the time 
                                             Sleeping or 
  1. Koalas are small-medium sized mammals found in south-eastern Australia.
  2. They are distinct marsupials which have been classified as a separate scientific group of their own.
  3. They have a large, wide face, with white tufted ears, black nose and dense soft fur.
  4. All this gives them an appearance of a small bear, but despite this they are in no way related to bears.
  5. They are also commonly known as the Koala bear.
  6. They are arboreal animals spending most of their lives on trees and their body has several adaptations for this lifestyle.
  7. They are solitary, nocturnal animals spending most of their time during the day, resting on eucalyptus trees.
  8. They feed exclusively on eucalyptus leaves which lack many of the vital nutrients and are also very hard to digest.
  9. This low energy diet makes them quite inactive and they spend up to 80% of their lives, resting or sleeping.
  10. They inhabit their home range that is fixed and do not allow other males to enter their territory.
  11. The males produce loud booming calls during the mating season to attract females as well as to ward off male competitors.
  12. The Koala male has to establish his dominance to be able to successfully mate with a female.
  13. The female koala gives birth to a single joey which is very small and underdeveloped.
  14. The joey climbs into the pouch of the mother Koala and stays there for 6-7 months till it develops.
  15. Thereafter it clings to its mother’s back for a few more months before being independent.
  16. They have few natural predators in snakes, birds of prey, dingoes and humans.
  17. Habitat loss and diseases are their biggest threats.


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