Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Mustelidae
  Scientific Name : Mustela nivalis

                 Colour : Dark and Light Brown,
                                  Tan, White, Black
            Skin Type : Fur
                 Size(L) : 22cm - 38cm 
                                     (8.6in - 15in)
                 Weight : 120g - 198g
                                    (4.2oz - 7oz)

           Top Speed : 25km/h (15mph)
            Life Span : 1 - 3 years
Most Distinctive 
               Feature : Brown back and head
                                 with white underside
             Fun Fact : The smallest carnivorous 
                                 mammal in the world!
  1. Weasels are small mammals found throughout the world except in Australia and the Polar regions.
  2. There are a number of species of weasels in the world, which differ in their size, color and behavior.
  3. The common weasel is also known as the European Weasel or the Least Weasel.
  4. They are the smallest, carnivorous mammals in the world that do not grow more than 6 inches in length.
  5. They are very closely related to Stoats and belong to the mustelid family.
  6. Their teeth are very sharp and the weasels often kill their prey by biting them.
  7. Weasels are known to moult twice a year to help them adapt to the temperature change and to help them camouflage.
  8. They inhabit various habitats like the coniferous forests, grassy plains and woodlands.
  9. Interestingly, Weasels have been introduced in many countries as a measure of pest control.
  10. They are solitary animals known to hunt during days and nights for small mammals.
  11. They are territorial animals usually keeping out of each other’s way.
  12. Surprisingly, they are very strong and powerful for their size and are known to prey on animals bigger than them.
  13. The male and female weasels come together only to mate and the female weasels give birth to kittens after a 5-week gestation.
  14. They have a unique method of tracking their prey through tunnels and catching their prey in their burrows.
  15. They are fierce predators preying on mice, vole, lemmings, ducks, rabbits and eggs.
  16. They need to eat around a third of their body weight to survive and make up their energy reserves.
  17. They are considered to be pests by farmers as weasels kill their livestock.


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