Name : Carolina Dog
      Origin : North America
          Size : 56cm (22in)

     Weight : 18kg (40lbs)
 Life Span : 19 years
      Group : South
  1. Carolina Dogs were first discovered by Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin Jr., in the 1970s.
  2. Originally from India, they are one of the first dogs to be domesticated in America.
  3. Also known as American Dingoes, they are thought to be descendants of pariah dogs.
  4. They are medium-sized dogs that are strong, hardy and powerful by nature.
  5. They come in a variety of colours such as ginger, tan, piebald etc.
  6. They have a short coat which doesn’t require trimming or too much maintenance.
  7. They are muscular and have thick tails which are typically curled into a fishhook.
  8. They are active and love the outdoors so they are unsuitable for apartment living.
  9. Carolina Dogs make good house pets since they are loyal, intelligent and obedient dogs.
  10. They are excellent in hunting small rodents which help them survive in the wild.
  11. Carolina Dogs are affectionate and loving with children but are wary of strangers.
  12. They need moderate exercise including daily walks and are more suited for warm weather.
  13. Easy to housebreak and train, Carolina Dogs are recommended for first-time dog owners.
  14. Carolina Dogs are easy to live with and are not very demanding pets.
  15. Carolina Dogs can live for about 12 – 14 years on an average.
  16. Typical litter size of Carolina Dogs are between 3 – 6 puppies.
  17. They are shy but with good exposure and socialization they become devoted and friendly.

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