Name : Estrela Mountain Dog
      Origin : Portugal
          Size : 68cm (27in)

     Weight : 47kg (105lbs)
 Life Span : 16 years
      Group : Guard
  1. The Estrela Mountain Dog is a large herding dog which originated in Portugal.
  2. The Estrela Mountain Dog come in 2 variants: long coats and short coats.
  3. Colours can vary from fawn, grey or yellow with white markings or black shading.
  4. They shed moderately and need to be brushed in order to prevent matting.
  5. The Estrela Mountain Dog is loyal, affectionate and also protective of children.
  6. These dogs are strong, courageous and ready to defend its charges if necessary.
  7. Although an old dog breed, they were not commonly known outside Portugal till 1972.
  8. They are not recommended for novice dog owners since they are independent in nature.
  9. They are unsuitable for apartments as they are loud and need lots of space.
  10. Estrela Mountain Dogs can live for about 16 years on an average.
  11. The Estrela Mountain Dog is an excellent guard dog who is agile and athletic.
  12. They are wary of strangers and require early socialization for peaceful coexistence.
  13. They don’t require much pampering or petting as they are a working dog breed.
  14. Estrela Mountain Dogs are strong and sturdy dogs who aren’t prone to sicknesses.
  15. They are intelligent, loving and responsive dogs but they are not easily available.
  16. The Estrela Mountain Dog loves the outdoors and need regular exercises to keep fit.
  17. Estrela Mountain Dogs who don’t get enough exercise and exposure might become lethargic.

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