Kingdom : Animalia
                        Class : Mammalia
                     Family : Herpestidae
      Scientific Name : Siricata suricatta

                     Colour : LightBrown, Tan, 
                                     Yellow, White, 
                                     Brown, Black
                Skin Type : Fur
                    Size(H) : 25cm - 35cm 
                                     (10in - 14in)
                     Weight : 600g - 975g 
                                         (1.3lbs - 2.1lbs)
               Top Speed : 32km/h (20mph)
                Life Span : 10 - 14 years
Distinctive Feature : Dark bands around 
                                    eyes and white face
                 Fun Fact : One will stand on
                                    guard to watch for 
  1. Meerkats are small mammals found in the South African semi-desert plains.
  2. They are very closely related to the mongoose but differ from them in being extremely sociable.
  3. There are 3 subspecies of meerkat varying slightly in coloration, marking and inhabiting different geographical locations.
  4. Distinctively, they have dark bands around their eyes and have a white face.
  5. Their tail is almost double the length of their body and they have stripes on their sides which are unique to each individual.
  6. Their fur helps them keep cool during the day and keeps them warm at cold nights.
  7. Their sharp claws help them dig through the sand and find hidden animals, if any.
  8. They live in groups called bands, comprising of 10-30 individuals.
  9. The groups often contain a few family units made up of the male and female pair with their young.
  10. Most of the band members go out in search of food while the others stand guard.
  11. The guards sound an alert when they spot danger through short double barks.
  12. They have a very keen sense of small and can easily spot their prey by sniffing.
  13. They are carnivores, feeding on insects and small invertebrates.
  14. Their natural predators are birds of prey and snakes.
  15. Meerkats breed at the start of the summer and the female meerkat gives birth to around 2-5 kits after a 11-week- gestation.
  16. The kits are born blind and without fur and are taken care of by both their parents and siblings.
  17. On an average, they live to be around 10 years in the wild and live much longer in captivity.

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