Kingdom : Animalia
                                  Class : Mammalia
                               Family : Macropodidae
                Scientific Name : Setonix 

                               Colour : Brown, Grey, 
                          Skin Type : Fur
                               Size(L) : 40cm - 54cm 
                                               (16in - 19in)
                               Weight : 1.5kg - 4.5kg 
                                               (3.3lbs - 10lbs)

                         Top Speed : 32kph (20mph)
                          Life Span : 5 - 10 years
Most Distinctive Feature : Rounded body
                                             ears and snout
                          Fun Fact : Makes runways
                                             through the 
                                             long grasses!
  1. Quokkas are small marsupials found only on a couple of islands off the south-west coast of Australia.
  2. They are one of the smallest species of wallaby and are closely related to the rock wallaby.
  3. They have a compact, rounded body with short hind legs and a short tail.
  4. They differ from the other wallaby species in having a tail without fur and in not needing the tail to balance themselves while hopping.
  5. They inhabit the scrub lands, woodlands and thick forests near water in only three remote areas.
  6. They are found in the Rottnest island, the Bald island and the bushland surrounding Perth in the mainland.
  7. They are sociable animals living in family groups which are led by males.
  8. They are nocturnal animals that are known to browse for food at night and rest during the days.
  9. They are territorial animals which are reasonably tolerant of other groups but rest on the same spot every day.
  10. They breed during January to March and the female quokka gives birth to a single joey after a month-long gestation.
  11. The joey climbs into its mother’ s pouch soon after birth and feeds on its mother’s milk for 6 months inside the pouch.
  12. The joey emerges from the pouch after being almost fully developed.
  13. Quokkas are herbivores, feeding mostly on different types of grasses, leaves, fruits and berries.
  14. They gain most of their moisture from their food and can go without drinking water for days together.
  15. Their natural predators are foxes, cats, dogs, dingoes and birds of prey.
  16. Interestingly, they create tunnels through dense vegetation and use them as runways to escape their predators.
  17. Quokkas are listed as being vulnerable from extinction.

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