Kingdom : Animalia
                                  Class : Mammalia
                               Family : Felidae
                Scientific Name : Panthera leo

                               Colour : Tawny, Brown,
                                               Blonde, Gold
                          Skin Type : Fur
                               Size(L) : 1.4m - 2.5m 
                                                (4.7ft - 8.2ft)
                               Weight : 120kg - 249kg
                                              (264lbs -550lbs)

                         Top Speed : 56 kph (35mph)
                          Life Span : 8 - 15 years
Most Distinctive Feature : Long and thick
                                             hairy mane of 
                                             the male around 
                                             the face
                         Fun Fact : Lives in small 
                                             groups called 
  1. Lions are one of the largest, strongest and most powerful felines in the world.
  2. They have golden or tawny colored short coat of fur with a long tail with fur at end.
  3. The male lions have a mane of long hair covering their head, neck and chest.
  4. Lions are the only members of the feline world where the males look different from the females.
  5. They have strong powerful jaws and teeth perfectly designed to tear through flesh.
  6. They mostly inhabit the woodlands, scrub and long grasslands of sub Saharan Africa.
  7. They are unique from other cats in living together with related individuals in small groups called pride.
  8. A pride typically has around 5-15 related females with their cubs and a single male.
  9. If another male lion takes over the patch successfully, it would kill all the cubs sired by the previous male.
  10. The lionesses are faster and more successful in hunting the prey than their male counterparts.
  11. A lioness gives birth to 1-6 cubs which are born blind and are extremely vulnerable.
  12. The cubs are raised and nursed by all the lionesses of the pride collectively.
  13. Lions are carnivore feeding only on other animals like Gazelle, Zebra, Warthog, Buffalo etc.
  14. The lionesses of a pride hunt together strategically, with each one playing a special role.
  15. Lions do not have any predators as they are the most dominant predators in their environment.
  16. Interestingly, the cubs learn and develop their hunting skills through role-play amongst each other.
  17. Lions are vulnerable from extinction mainly because of their habitat loss.

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