Kingdom : Animalia
                  Class : Mammalia
               Family : Viverridae
                Genus : Civettictis
Scientific Name : Civettictis civetta

               Colour : Black, White, Grey,
                               Yellow, Brown, Tan
          Skin Type : Fur
             Size (H) : 43cm - 71cm 
                               (17in - 28in)
              Weight : 1.4kg - 4.5kg
                                 (3lbs - 10lbs)
         Life Span : 15 - 20 years
  1. The African Civet is the largest Civet-like animal in Africa.
  2. They are closely related to Weasels and Mongooses and are not felines.
  3. They are easily identifiable with grey faces and Black and white markings on their fur.
  4. They have non-retractable claws which help in moving about in the trees.
  5. Distinctively, they secrete musk from their pituitary glands.
  6. The territorial African Civets use their musk (Civetone) to mark their territories.
  7. They are found in regions with good water source, across Sub-Saharan Africa.
  8. They are solitary animals but form small groups only during mating season.
  9. The female African Civet gives birth to up to 4 young ones after a 2-month gestation.
  10. Infant Civets are born with fur and are quite mobile.
  11. The African Civets are tree-dwelling nocturnal animals who hunt under cover at nights.
  12. They prey on rodents, lizards, snakes and frogs and eat a variety of plant matter.
  13. Their natural predators include Large predatory cats and large reptiles.
  14. They are hunted down by humans mainly for their musk.
  15. On an average, African Civets produce 4 gms of musk in a week.
  16. When diluted, the pleasant smelling musk can be used to manufacture perfumes.
  17. Hunting and habitat loss is bringing down their population.

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