Kingdom : Animalia
                  Class : Mammalia
               Family : Felidae
Scientific Name : Panthera Tigris Altaica

                    Size : 2.4m - 3.7m (7.8ft - 12ft)
               Weight : 100kg - 350kg 
                                (220lbs - 770lbs)
          Top Speed : 96km/h (60mph)
           Life Span : 18 - 25 years

                Colour : Orange, Black, White
           Skin Type : Fur
Special Features : Striped fur and large 
                                powerful body
  1. Siberian Tigers are the largest species of tigers in the world.
  2. They are also known as the Ussuri Tiger and the Amur.
  3. Their original range extended throughout Russia and across Central and Western Asia.
  4. Due to deforestation and conflict, they are now mostly extinct in their natural range.
  5. They are now found only in parts of Eastern Siberia where they are protected as a species.
  6. They are the largest subspecies of tigers growing to an average of 2.4m to 3.7 m in length.
  7. They have thick fur that covers their body and protects them from the harsh Siberian cold climate.
  8. Incredibly, their fur is almost 4 inches thick on their neck and tummy.
  9. They are dominant predators in their environment and are known to chase off or kill their competitors.
  10. They hunt by stalking their prey till they catch them off-guard and kill them by pouncing on them.
  11. They hunt and prey on deer, goats, cattle, wild boars and other large mammals.
  12. They have no natural predators as they are the apex hunters in their environment.
  13. The female Siberian Tiger Gives birth to 1-5 cubs after a 3-4-month gestation.
  14. The cubs are born blind and are taken care of by their mother for the first 18 months after which they become independent.
  15. Humans have previously hunted Siberian Tigers.
  16. Deforestation and habitat loss is their biggest threat today.
  17. They are considered to be an endangered species and there are less than 500 Siberian Tigers left in the wild today

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