Name : Akbash
                      Origin : Turkey
                      Group : Dog

      Average Size(H) : 86cm (34in)
       Average Weight : 63kg (140lbs)
   Average Life Span : 11 years

                      Colour : White, Brown
          Temperament : Calm, independent,
                                      brave and protective
Distinctive Features : Big head and
                                      powerful jaws
  1. The Akbash is a large breed of white domestic dog from Turkey.
  2. They were initially bred to guard flocks of sheep.
  3. They were specifically bred in white color so as appear non-threatening to the sheep.
  4. They are aptly built for sheep guarding with a large and powerful body.
  5. Their white coat is short to medium length with an occasional patch of light brown.
  6. The Akbash have a double layered, water resistant, coarse coat.
  7. Distinctively their tail is long, curved and covered in long feathered fur.
  8. They are quite dominant and aggressive as guard dogs.
  9. They need an experienced and firm owner as they are a primitive guard dogs.
  10. They are known to be intelligent, courageous and independent with strong protective instincts.
  11. As compared to other breeds, their fur has a little odour.
  12. They’ve strong maternal instincts and are said to help sheep in cleaning their new born.
  13. The Akbash female gives birth to 7 to 9 puppies in a litter.
  14. The pups grow up very fast and are fully mature at 6 weeks.
  15. The modern day Akbash in households are less aggressive.
  16. A few of them were imported to America in the 1970s.
  17. On the whole, they are a calm, clean and happy breed of domestic dogs.

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