Kingdom : Animalia
                  Class : Mammalia
               Family : Ursidae
Scientific Name : Ailuropoda melanoleuca

               Colour : Black, White, Brown
          Skin Type : Fur
              Size(H) : 1.5m - 1.8m (4.9ft - 6ft)
               Weight : 110kg - 250kg
                                (242lbs - 551lbs)
  1. The Giant Panda is a medium-large sized species of bear found in the mountains of Western and Central China.
  2. They are very famous and one of the most easily identifiable animals.
  3. They have thick, creamy white fur with distinctive black patches around their eyes, limbs, shoulders, ears and nose.
  4. The extension of their wrist bone acts like a thumb for them and helps them grip bamboo.
  5. They are quite rare to spot and remote population of the great Panda Bear is said to be existing in six Chinese mountain ranges.
  6. Since they rely exclusively on bamboo for their survival, they are severely affected by deforestation and habitat loss.
  7. They consume around 30kgs of bamboo, daily, to make up for their nutrition demands and spend around 12-15 hours a day.
  8. They are solitary animals marking their territories with scratch marks and secretion from scent glands.
  9. They are known to be good climbers and swimmers.
  10. They breed between the months of March and May and the females are known to groan and bleat to attract males.
  11. After a 5-month gestation, the female giant panda bear gives birth to one or two cubs.
  12. The cubs are extremely underdeveloped at birth and are also hairless and blind.
  13. The cubs are cared for by their mother and become independent by around 18 months.
  14. The giant Panda Bears are known to communicate amongst themselves through various noises.
  15. Though they have no natural predators, humans have hunted them extensively for their beautiful fur.
  16. Habitat loss and human poaching have made them and endangered species.
  17. Strict measures are being undertaken for their conservation.

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