Kingdom : Animalia
                   Class : Mammalia 
                Family : Delphinidae
 Scientific Name : Lagenorhynchus obscurus

                Colour : Grey, Blue, Black, white
           Skin Type : Smooth
                Size(L) : 1.6m - 2.1m
                                (5ft - 7ft)
                Weight : 80kg - 120kg 
                                (176lbs - 264lbs)

           Top Speed : 37kph (23mph)
            Life Span : 18- 25 years
Most Distinctive 
               Feature : Rounded black beak and 
                                tall, curved dorsal fin
             Fun Fact : Communicates using 
                                 whistles, squeaks 
                                  and clicks!
  1. Dusky Dolphins are small dolphin species found in the southern hemisphere.
  2. Though they look like fish they are mammals breathing in and out with their lungs.
  3. They are closely related to other dolphins, porpoises and whales.
  4. They are smallest species of dolphins growing to just under 2m in length and weighing less than 100kg.
  5. They have a smooth, hairless blue-black or dark grey streamlined body with a light grey or white underside.
  6. Their tail flukes are horizontal and their dorsal fins are tall and curved enabling them to change directions quickly.
  7. Their beak is rounded and their cone shaped teeth help them catch slippery and fast moving prey.
  8. They are known to inhabit cool, temperate shallow waters close to continental shelves.
  9. There are 3 species of dusky dolphins classified according to their geographic location.
  10. They rest in small groups near the shore during the day and travel farther into the ocean and hunt in large pods at night.
  11. They are very sociable and often play, groom and leap together, after feeding.
  12. They are very intelligent animals and communicate with other dolphins through whistles, clicks and squeaks.
  13. Interestingly, they are known to push injured or sick individual towards the surface to help them breathe.
  14. The females give birth to a single calf after an 11-month gestation.
  15. The calves feed on their mother’s milk for a year and are independent by the age of 3.
  16. They are carnivores feeding on anchovies, sardines and squids.
  17. Their natural predators are Killer whales and sharks.
  18. Increasing human activity in the dusky dolphin’s natural environment is their biggest threat.

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